Our Equipment

We use a range of highly precise and accurate Total Stations and GPS Equipment. Each has superb precision and uses the latest distance measuring technology to take advantage of a powerful suite of on-board programs and many sensor and accuracy options, all with the highest reliability. They are perfect for all engineering, construction and surveying work.

We use an intuitive and powerful range of measuring tools which are easy to use and ideal for many construction jobs.
  • Trimble 5600 Pro Robotic Total Station
  • Trimble SCS900 software
  • Topcon GR3 Base and Rover GPS
  • Topcon FC2500 Controller
  • Leica Sprinter Digital Level
  • Terramodel Software
  • Fully equipped 4WD survey vehicle

State of the Art Surveying Equipment

Hayesurvey produces the best results in the modern construction and surveying environment. The latest production of Total Stations utilise the most modern technology and make use of hardware and software options to produce the required accuracies.

For expert and professional advice please contact our Managing Director Wayne Hayes to discuss any project requirements you may need .